Difference Between Static and Dynamic Website

If you are planning for a new website then you must need to know the difference between static and dynamic website (Static vs Dynamic Website).
There are basically two main types of website

Difference Between Static and Dynamic Website

In simplest terms, if you have a static website and want to make change in website, you need to contact Web Developer because its need technical coding knowledge. While in dynamic website, you will be able to change site content from admin dashboard without coding knowledge or without needing the help of a Web Developer.  This article aims to target the difference between static and dynamic website in order to provide a more detailed understanding. Check pros and cons of Static Vs Dynamic Website then decide which one best for you.

What is a Static Website?

Static Website is the very basic kind of website, which developed using plain HTML and CSS with no custom coding and dynamic features also not require database. They are easier to code and assemble. Because of that cost of Static Website is reasonable then dynamic website. The main disadvantage of Static Website is, its require coding knowledge or hire a web developer to make changes in website.

Pros of Static Website

  • Will develop in short time
  • less complex to develop then dynamic website
  • Because of pure HTML and CSS code website load faster
  • Development cost will be less compare to dynamic website
  • No database and server script require which reduce web hosting cost

Cons of Static Website

  • Require coding knowledge or a web developer to update site content
  • If development save money, then there are ongoing costs for website maintenance
  • Non-interactive

What is a Dynamic Website?

A dynamic website is a website that not only uses HTML and CSS, but also include database, server side scripting like PHP, DotNet, Java etc. The main advantage of dynamic site is that its connected with database. The content of dynamic website is not stored as static HTML pages, its store in database which managed by easy, organized and structured CMS (Content Management System). Dynamic Website display content from database so when content change or update from CMS, its change in database and content of the website is also changed or updated.

Pros of Dynamic Website

Cons of Dynamic Website

  • Development cost will be more then static website
  • Require database and server side scripting so web hosting cost may increase
  • Dynamic site processes the request server side and create contents dynamically so sites take some time to load then static website

Which Should You Choose?

Now the question is which option is better for you. Well, if you are looking for a basic website to only display information about your company which doesn’t required frequent changes, a Static Website is best. However, it is important to note that as your needs grow, you may need to eventually upgrade to a dynamic website. Alternatively, if you require more complex functionality, regular content changes or an online eCommerce website, then go for a Dynamic Website.

In my opinion, I recommend Dynamic Website, because it’s have a significant amount of advantages. Also now a day development cost difference between dynamic and static website is very less.

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