Twitter Mistakes to Avoid

Definitely, any Internet user is aware that Twitter can bring certain advantages for social media marketing. But to be able to benefit from them has to follow a minimum set of rules, nothing common sense doesn’t cover. There are may common Twitter Mistakes to avoid. The number of followers tells us to what degree these rules are obeyed. By having many people interested in what others are twitting it’s influence grows and along with it the possibility of obtaining advantages. The conclusion is simple: the more followers, the better. But how can we get a considerable number of people interested in the same thing? The answer is not complicated at all: by offering QUALITY.

Twitter Mistakes

This article is not meant to show you ways of offering interesting tweets or of growing your number of followers. But merely how to avoid losing the ones we have. Because many people don’t take this scenario into consideration. It’s useless to get a large number of followers in a day if you lose a larger number at the same time. Here are few Twitter Mistakes which you should keep in mind and avoid it while you are going to tweet.

More Tweets or Less

Even if you may have much to offer and you want to share that with your followers. There has to be a limit as having your timeline filled only with your tweets will sooner. Or later make your followers leave. The other way around isn’t good either as a tweet once a week shows a rare usage of the network. Who would want to follow someone who offers a link per week.

The best solution is a mild approach. Offering tweets whenever you have something really interesting or when you need someone’s help. A frequent mistake is to tweet too often in a short period of time as the follower’s timeline is filled for some minutes only with what you offered and sometimes it’s irritating.

Irrelevant Twitters

Nothing is more annoying than to receive idiotic tweets telling you. For example, what John had for lunch, how did he wake up or if he got the morning paper or not. When you tweet, you must be sure that it may be useful to someone. To tweet just so the number will grow will not be benefice to you. Furthermore some followers may get fed up and leave. To offer useful links and interesting information you need time to search. So you must not forget that to become an important user of Twitter. You must sacrifice time, a lot of time that could had been used for projects. And in the end we come to the same conclusion that time is money. The Twitter account can be efficient long terms mean of publicity if it’s properly maintained.

Excessive Promo

Twitter is a mean of advertising but you need an intelligent strategy to make it truly efficient. First of all, by sending links to you portfolio in every tweet will not bring you more views but only a decrease in the number of followers. The thing is not to force your followers but to make them curious. To be more specific – an arrogant and boring tweet like “Hey, this is my portfolio. Am I not the best designer?” can be replaced with a more conservative and interesting “I am waiting for you opinions on my last logo. I appreciate any comments.”

Incomplete Account

The bio reserved for each user is intended to offer a clear idea about each person and about what they are doing. To complete it just partially or not at all isn’t a sign of bravura nor justified by privacy concerns. As well, the users should upload a photo of themselves so the followers know if they’re dealing with a real person or just a spam. The customization of the background is not compulsory but an original one would be an extra source of attraction and so, of users. To conclude – un incomplete account represents a source of mistrust and the followers lose that feeling of “Global community” that’s so attractive to most of them.

Private Tweets

Another new concept that Twitter brought on and with it won their users’ hearts is the total lack of privacy. Your tweets can be seen by everyone. Despite this concept, you still have the options of hiding your tweets from the users that are not your network friends. I may be an extremist to some people but this option is stupid as the initial idea was giving up on privacy.

On the other hand, the arrogance of showing tweets only to some will surely have a negative impact on the number of followers…And it’s a justified call.

Automated DMs

In Twitterland, DM stands for direct message and represents the direct communication between the follower and the followed. An sign of total lack of respect is sending automated DMs to your followers. Even if you’re sending an automated thank you note, that is still very similar to spam even if it’s a thank, you spam. What’s your opinion on DMs? Are they a sign of appreciation or not?

Growing the number of followers with the help of different applications

I saved the best for last. This is the biggest sin a Twitter user can commit. The burning desire of having more and more followers in a short period of time was noticed by certain individuals with a good sense for business who launched some applications that for small fees can bring you followers. Apparently that’s a good piece of business, but more likely a huge mistake. First of all, the hundreds of followers you are buying are nothing than worthless accounts with no people behind them. What’s the use of being followed by thousands of spams? Aside from the chance to brag about your number of followers, it’s useless.

Let’s just say that these accounts have people at the other end who follow you for a few dimes the result is essentially the same. Indeed, at some point you will have hundreds or thousands of followers but in time they will abandon you as your tweets do not have any relevance to them. And so this type of business is bankrupting. When a user follows you for the few cents you are offering, do you thing he’s interested in your tweets…I doubt it.

My conclusion is that Twitter is a fantastic application, but to gather a large number of followers and to become influential you need time, patience and interesting tweets. What’s your opinion on the matter? How should a quality tweet be? Feel free to use the comment form to share your interesting thoughts with us.