Minimalist Web Design – Web Design Trend

Minimalist Web Design

Minimalist Web Design is one of those classic design trends that just keeps going. Minimalism is all over the web these days, because of Its lightweight layouts and low maintenance make it flexible for responsive design, and its natural elegance is sought by many brands and agencies but Minimalist Web Design is not a technique exclusive to web design. The world craves minimalism. So much so, that whichever aspect of our lives you look at, whether it is the lifestyles we lead, homes we live in, or the products we consume, minimalism is present in every facet. Even the smartphones in our pocket prove that minimalist design has more than caught on.

Big and Bold Typography – Web Design Trend

Big and Bold Typography

Use of font in website creatively can not only carry your message, but it’s also make a visual impact. Big & bold typography is the most obvious use of text as a primary web design element. This year, we’re seeing hero images with bold headlines that anchor homepages with slogans or messages. Since 2018 Big […]

Hero Video | Background Video

What is Hero Video

Hero Video or Background Video is one of the most effective way to engaging your audience on your website. It’s been proven that, people remember and respond to an audio-video than any text they read. According to Forbes: Video is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019. Embedding videos on landing […]

Hero Image
Web Design Trend

What is a Hero Image

Hero image is one of the most popular and compelling web design trends since 2017 and still going strong. Hero images are effective because they engage website visitors by adding beauty, context, and interest and help to establish trust among new visitors and even convert them into customers. In this article you get detailed information […]

White Space
Web Design Trend

What is White Space

In current digital market, Content is a King and we have put lots of content information in website. A lots of elements, images, colors and different shapes in a webpage can make website overcrowding. A user will leave these type of websites because they feel uncomfortable. Now it is extremely important for web designer to […]

Web Design Trends 2021

Web Design Trends 2021

Web Design Trends 2021 Before jump in to web design trends 2021 or web development trends 2021 first of all let’s talk about, what is web design trends? And why it’s important to know about latest web design trends? What is Web Design Trends? Web Designing is an Art. Statistics suggest that over 1.8 billion […]

Web Design Trends 2020

Web Design Trends 2020 in India

Web design is something we are going to need for a long time. The internet is nothing without websites, and a website is not complete without the good web design. If you are a website designer or are you planning to design new website or current website redesigning. Well, first of all you need to […]